Online networking activities

Collective Room

Collective Room lets the participants of ITAC5 to be more deeply connected, to exchange cultures, discussions, and personal interactions online. Any ITAC5 participants can freely choose to be part of one of 18 themed collective rooms according to their interests. They can communicate online through Zoom meetings at least three times throughout the entire conference. They can build a strong relationship with up to 20 members in each collective room by having a preparatory orientation for the ITAC5, discussing the room theme and talking about events and shared interests such as the ITAC5 closing.

Satellite Group

Satellite groups (regional groups) are virtual bases for those in non-Korean time zones to continue collective room topics and to facilitate additional live discussions. With one group discussion leader from the ITAC5 leadership committee in either North/South America or Europe/Africa, teaching artists can review previous sessions and share ideas during the daytime of the United States, South America, Europe and Africa. 


Lounge is meeting platform that allows ITAC5 participants to mingle and interact with other participants. Participants can share stories and talk about everything from the topics and programs of ITAC5, art education, culture and art to you everyday life. At NOLJA (Let’s Play), they can have delightful teatime with enjoyable conversations. At MUCKJA (Let’s Eat), they can invite participants worldwide to join the discussions with their food and culture. At GACHIHAJA, (Let's Do It Together), participants can collaborate with other participants and start collaborative projects. 


Debate is an online discussion forum sharing opinions of favor or disagreement through comments and questions on the three arching themes of ITAC5. It is a place where people can proactively debate and share their thoughts. Not only paid ITAC5 participants but also ITAC5 auditors can freely jump in and participate.

Art Project

Art-Project is a joint project completed with the participation of ITAC5 participants. After reading the five sentences drawn for the pre-project, each participant can freely draw images that come to mind and uploads them to the website. "Drawing Dictation" allows participants to freely express and share the inspiration from five sentences. Utilizing Instagram hashtag #HowAreYou Today_ITAC5, "How Are You Today" project answers various questions and shares their thoughts with each other, especially on the art that participants experienced today.

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