How do we empower citizens to transform borders and boundaries into positive futures through arts education?
"These three days are lined up with 64 presenters from 19 countries.
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Mon 9.14

The Introductory Session to ITAC5 & Opening Ceremony 

Tue 9.15
Day 1. 


  • What do we as teaching artists (and participants) need to unlearn, and what are the most powerful tools for new learning?

Wed 9.16
Day 2. 

Local & Nomadic Practices

  • How does your practice reflect your own culture and at the same time the roots of local cultures and issues of the communities you work with? 
  • What is universal in the practices that we offer to other specific communities and even to other parts of the world—our nomadic potential? 
  • What is the dynamic balance between local and universal?

Thu 9.17
Day 3. 

Peace & Reconciliation

  • Can we facilitate citizens to become the agents of change in their own communities and beyond, in embracing difference and diversity?

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