The International Teaching Artist Conference (ITAC), is an international platform, which brings together socially engaged artists from around the world practicing in diverse fields, from local communities to educational institutes, and enables them to exchange ideas and deepen their expertise. Beyond one-off events, ITAC operates as a year-round international collaborative network, where artists can mutually support each other and connect. The ITAC vision is a world where every country has artists working in the heart of communities and learning. Where these artists are continually improving, internationally connected and well supported, and the potential of the practice and its transformative power is visible and valued.

ITAC conferences take place biennially in different global cities from Oslo, Norway in 2012 (ITAC1), Brisbane, Australia in 2014 (ITAC2), Edinburgh, Scotland in 2016 (ITAC3) and New York, U.S., 2018 (ITAC4). ITAC5, for the first time in Asia, will be held in Seoul, Korea and attended widely online.

This biennial event aims to be a dynamic platform for:

  • sharing practice, learning and researching in the field of participatory arts
  • showcasing the best and next practice of the host and visiting nations
  • generating new connections and building palpable energy towards the international community

Read more about ITAC: itac-collaborative.com

2020 ITAC5

Artists from around the world have been making efforts to carry on their practices despite the COVID-19 pandemic. ITAC5 is also transforming itself into a different format, in order to ensure safety while upholding the values it has been standing for --- Digital Conference.

The conference is filled with engaging sessions, activities, informal and formal discussions, opportunities to connect with new colleagues and with leading artist-educators around the world. Registered conference delegates will have a variety of ways they can choose to participate, from interacting in and out of sessions, to creating conversations of particular interest to you. 

In this time of disruption and isolation, ITAC5 celebrates our community, as we explore and learn individually and together over these days packed with inspiring and bold innovations and ideas. Sure, we will miss being together, but what a rare opportunity to join with colleagues from around the world from your own home. 

For more information on the program details, check the Program section. 

ITAC5 is organized and hosted by Korea Arts & Culture Education Service (KACES), a government institution agency under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.


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