Our 3-day conference registration fee (including the pre-conference activities) is listed below―much less than in the past because it is virtual. (Remember also, no travel or housing costs!) We recognise that our ITAC community and sector has been hit hard by COVID-19, and this has financially impacted many of us. Therefore, we ask that if you are a member of an institution, organisation or have been less affected financially by the crisis, you contribute the full conference fee as usual. This allows us to offer the reduced fee to those who wish to attend but cannot afford the full amount. We rely on those who are able to pay it forward, to support less-fortunate colleagues. We appreciate your generous cooperation and support.   

Regular price $200 

FULL ACCESS allows to:

* Join engaging sessions, activities, informal and formal discussions;

* Have opportunities to connect with new colleagues and with leading artist-educators around the world;

* Choose to participate, from interacting in and out of the sessions, to creating conversations of particular interest to you.

* A gift box with souvenirs from ITAC5 Seoul will be mailed to you upon completion of registration. 

* Spaces are limited.

Special price $50

If you are a freelance artist, a student, or an individual who is impacted economically by COVID-19, you are eligible for the special price. Same benefits as regular-price delegates.


* It will be possible to watch certain selected parts of the conference for free as an observer. These spaces do not allow real-time interaction, but this option is available and may suit those who cannot commit to 3 full days of engagement.  

Despite the online nature of the conference, we ask that our participants commit to spending these 3 full days in deep inquiry with us. We know it is tempting to dip in and out of digital sessions, but to capture the benefits of an ITAC event, we want to challenge our paid participants to engage fully in these three days as if we were together in person.

We are aware of the challenges in offering our participants live events when we all join from varying time zones, so we have ensured each delegate will have access to live, interactive content regardless of their location.

In order to ensure our conference truly international and representative of our community, there is a cap on how many delegates can join from any one region- So make sure you sign up quickly to avoid disappointment!

If you have any questions about registration, please contact us at

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